welcome to the new old way


If the world seems inexplicable to you, there’s a reason. If your body is struggling to adapt and your spirit feels anxious, stressed or depressed, there’s a reason.

And that reason is simple. Your body is ancient. Every detail of your mind, body and spirit is the way it is because of thousands of generations of evolution and ancestry in wild, outdoor environments. You’re here today because your body is pretty good at surviving in those kinds of conditions. At your core, you’re a robust, highly intelligent, adaptable, wild animal.

But today we’re forced to live in a radically different setting. Our modern world is, in a very real sense, an alien environment. It’s no wonder that we’re struggling. We’re mismatched with the world around us. We’re living out of context.

To make matters worse, conditions in our world are deteriorating. Climate change, habitat destruction, social injustice and inequality threaten us at every turn. Taken together, the challenge is unprecedented. We have no map to guide us and we lack a shared vision for the future. It seems that humanity has lost its way. 

Some of us long to go backwards, to the primal conditions of the deep Paleo, while some of us dream of a technological utopia shimmering out there in the future. But neither of these options make much sense. No one wants to live in the bush, but a techno-utopia seems equally unlikely to give us the health and happiness we desire.

But there is a way forward, a hybrid of the Old and the New…

In the months to come, this blog will explore New-Old themes. We’ll examine the human predicament in detail and take a good look at what it means to be healthy and sapient.

Frank Forencich