Our bodies are ancient and powerful, sculpted for success in the wild, outdoor environments of prehistory. But today we’re living in a radically different world, an alien environment that challenges us at every turn. Our health is suffering, our biosphere is in crisis and humanity seems to have lost its way. From epidemics of lifestyle disease to planet-wide contagions of fear, anxiety and depression, we’re struggling to adapt. 

New Old Way offers a balanced, integrative perspective that honors the wisdom of native culture and the discoveries of modern science. This is a big picture approach to our bodies, our health and our quest to create a functional future.

Ideal for health and medical professionals, trainers, coaches, teachers and anyone who’s interested in making a difference, this book will help you navigate the chaos and confusion of the modern world and provide you with the fundamentals of adaptation and  resilience. This is a book about how to be whole. 

“Frank Forencich’s engaging and passionate call to action strives to awaken inspiration, awareness and contagious hope within each of us. It takes bold steps towards shaping a much-needed narrative as we embark on this journey to unlock our personal and planetary potential.”

Susan Prescott MD

author of The Secret Life of Your Microbiome