Frank Forencich is a passionate activist and leader in the world of ancestral health. Inspired by his study of human biology at Stanford University, Frank has spent decades studying martial arts, athletic training, bodywork, human history and environmental science. 

  • Member: Council of Directors, the True Health Initiative
  • Black belt ranking in karate and aikido
  • Named by Experience Life magazine as one of “Five Visionaries leading the charge to better health, and a healthier world.”
  • Significant climbing experience throughout North America
  • Contributor to Paleo Magazine: 2012-2016
  • Several trips to Africa to study human history and the ancestral environment.

Presentations include: Google, Ancestral Health Symposium, Dr. Robert Conn Heart Conference, General Electric, Stanford University Institute of Design and the InVivo Network.

Frank is the author of Exuberant Animal, Beautiful Practice and The Art is Long.


“Frank is a superb public speaker–articulate, extremely knowledgable, and passionate in his presentations. He has a fun and endearing interactive style that is both enlightening and entertaining. I speak at and or attend science and medical programs around the U.S. dozens of times each year. Frank is one of the most effective presenters with whom I have ever worked.”

James O'Keefe MD cardiologist

St. Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants